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Re: Debian System Administration team sprint report

]] Martín Ferrari 

> Having said that, I was just talking with one of the upstream developers
> and he told me that since 2.0, remote LTS is not really that important
> anymore, as the new storage engine can handle well label/timeseries
> churn, can do reliable backups, and it can grow as much as needed.

My slight concern there is if we'll see a database bump sometime in the
future, when a hypothetical new storage engine comes out and becomes the
default, and there's no way to migrate data from the current version to
the future version like there was between v1 and v2.  We currently have
multiple years of data in munin and it could be useful to keep data for
longer periods of time, either through federation or just downsampling
with a remote storage.

> > The Prometheus UI is fine for debugging queries and such, but it's far
> > away from Grafana when used interactively.  I'd be very happy if we
> > managed to get a newer version into Debian.
> Yeah, me too. I hope to be able to start working on it soon, but it is
> not going to be trivial with the heaps of javascript dependencies it has.

I know. :-(

Tollef Fog Heen
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