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Re: Debian System Administration team sprint report

On 07/02/18 19:46, Julien Cristau wrote:

> == Monitoring and metrics
> We are currently using icinga for monitoring and munin for graphing, but
> these tools are showing their age.  We would like to experiment with
> Prometheus and something like grafana.  However, it's unclear at this
> point what the deployment would look like, and grafana is not in stable
> or testing.
Like I had offered soon after I got Prometheus into Debian, I would be
happy to help DSA in adopting Prometheus. I can also offer assistance to
assess if it is a good fit for DSA.

Right now, support in Debian is pretty strong, with the newest releases
being present in testing and stable-backports.

Grafana is a problem, I know, but I hope that as the interest in
prometheus grows, I will get some help in getting Grafana back in shape.
In any case, Grafana is not needed at all to use Prometheus, it is just
a shiny front-end.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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