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Re: Debian System Administration team sprint report

Hi Tollef,

On 08/02/18 22:26, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> Thanks for the offer.  (I already use Prometheus heavily at work, but
> other DSA members have less or no experience with it.)

I am glad to hear it is getting more and more popular!

> Yes, this is great to see, especially with the v2 support out.  Do you
> have any plans for packaging something like Weave Cortex which offers a
> more long-term storage than Prometheus itself?

For now I have no plans (and not much time) about that, as I have been
waiting to see how LTS support progresses, and to which tool it converges.

Having said that, I was just talking with one of the upstream developers
and he told me that since 2.0, remote LTS is not really that important
anymore, as the new storage engine can handle well label/timeseries
churn, can do reliable backups, and it can grow as much as needed.

> The Prometheus UI is fine for debugging queries and such, but it's far
> away from Grafana when used interactively.  I'd be very happy if we
> managed to get a newer version into Debian.

Yeah, me too. I hope to be able to start working on it soon, but it is
not going to be trivial with the heaps of javascript dependencies it has.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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