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Re: Naming of teams on salsa.debian.org

Alexander Wirt:
> On Fri, 05 Jan 2018, Philipp Huebner wrote:
>> Hi
>> Am 04.01.2018 um 16:57 schrieb Ximin Luo:
>>> I think it's preferable not to look at this from the point-of-view of
>>> individual teams, but from the perspective of the project as a whole.
>>> When non-Debian people navigate salsa.d.o it would be nicer to have a
>>> more systematic set of prefixes across all groups.
>> While I like well organized structures, doing this on salsa alone is not
>> doing much IMHO, you would need to enforce the same policy for team
>> names in all places debian, which is a much bigger task/issue.

Doing it on salsa is a very good starting point, and it is / will be probably the biggest source of "names" - many names on other systems stem from it (or at least did for team names on alioth). The other place I know of is the list of "official" mailing lists: https://lists.debian.org/completeindex.html where nearly everything is prefixed with debian-.

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of just how ugly the current set of names are, here is the list I originally pasted into salsa/support#30:

| Old | New (suggested) |
| --- | --- |
| rust-team | pkg-rust |
| js-team | pkg-js |
| ocaml-team | pkg-ocaml |
| pkg-go-team | pkg-go |
| debian-remote-team | pkg-remote |
| cmake | pkg-cmake |
| debian-l10n-pt-team | l10n-pt |
| chinese-team | l10n-chinese |
| russian-l10n-team | l10n-russian |
| qa | debian-qa |
| debian-irc-team | debian-irc |
| debian-keyring | debian-keyring |
| mirror-team | debian-mirror |
| popularity-contest-team | debian-popcon |

For people belonging to 5+ teams it is really a pain to have to remember whether it's pkg-go-team or go-team or pkg-go or go-packaging-team whatever, especially when you have 2-3 core teams and 7-8 other teams you're only in "for necessity" and only work in rarely.

It is also a bit crappy to have to introduce new contributors to such a hard-to-remember set of names.

>>> <formorer>
>>>> infinity0: please don't expect us to do such a mass renaming.
>>> As above, I think the value of this exercise is to make the names
>>> consistent across the whole project. If you mean you don't want to do
>>> it out of effort, I'd be happy to do it - there's only about 100
>>> teams so far, and I already supplied suggestions for about 12 of
>>> them.
>> I hope no team name will be changed without the team(-owner)'s consent,
>> as that might drive people away from salsa altogether, which is not what
>> you want (I assume).
> Of course not. 
> Every team will have to create an issue. (If we decide on such structure, I
> do really expect more than just a few mails). 

I was also not suggesting to rename the groups instantaneously and leave the owners to clear up the mess. But if a standard is decided then everyone should be expected to follow it, with some guidance / concrete help on cleaning up any references to the old names.


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