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Re: Naming of teams on salsa.debian.org


Am 04.01.2018 um 16:57 schrieb Ximin Luo:
> I think it's preferable not to look at this from the point-of-view of
> individual teams, but from the perspective of the project as a whole.
> When non-Debian people navigate salsa.d.o it would be nicer to have a
> more systematic set of prefixes across all groups.

While I like well organized structures, doing this on salsa alone is not
doing much IMHO, you would need to enforce the same policy for team
names in all places debian, which is a much bigger task/issue.

> <formorer>
>> infinity0: please don't expect us to do such a mass renaming.
> As above, I think the value of this exercise is to make the names
> consistent across the whole project. If you mean you don't want to do
> it out of effort, I'd be happy to do it - there's only about 100
> teams so far, and I already supplied suggestions for about 12 of
> them.

I hope no team name will be changed without the team(-owner)'s consent,
as that might drive people away from salsa altogether, which is not what
you want (I assume).

For example, I have spent much time in the past week creating

If somebody was to break that now without my consent, I'd be "royally
pissed" and extremely tempted to move it to github or similar instead.

Side note:
Personally I find the "pkg-" prefix to be extremely ugly and am very
happy with the "-team" suffix. Thanks a lot to formorer and the salsa
team for their good work!

Best wishes,
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