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Re: Naming of teams on salsa.debian.org

Bas Couwenberg:
> On 2018-01-04 15:33, Ximin Luo wrote:
>> debian-* - for Debian infrastructure and admin stuff
>> pkg-* - for group maintenance of related packages
>> l10n-* - for localisation efforts
>> If nobody disagrees, I'll be happy to implement the following:
> Teams should be able to keep the same names as used on Alioth as much as possible, many of them use the 'debian-' prefix but aren't related to infrastructure or admin stuff.
> For the Debian GIS team I've created the debian-gis-team on Salsa, which was pkg-grass on Alioth. The project name on Alioth no longer reflects the scope of the team, it has grown to maintain most GIS & OSM packages, not only GRASS. The team name on Salsa now (mostly) matches the discussion list debian-gis@l.d.o.
> The 'debian-' prefix should not be reserved for Debian infrastructure and admin stuff in my opinion.

I think it's preferable not to look at this from the point-of-view of individual teams, but from the perspective of the project as a whole. When non-Debian people navigate salsa.d.o it would be nicer to have a more systematic set of prefixes across all groups.

I did intend for "debian-" to be a "misc catch-all prefix", but for the case of GIS it is already covered by another prefix (pkg-) so should use that instead. I don't think re-using the name on Alioth makes anything *practically easier*, does it? URLs would still have to change.

Finally, we should be looking upon this as a chance to fix some of Alioth's naming inconsistencies, rather than to perpetuate them or to make them worse.

Julien Puydt @jpuydt-guest commented:
> Since everything is about debian anyway, perhaps the debian-* proposition should be admin-* or something else?

I'd also be happy with that, but various other teams I had in mind (e.g. "popcon") aren't exactly "admin-". Having too many prefixes wouldn't be a great thing either, so that's why I suggested "debian-".

> infinity0: please don't expect us to do such a mass renaming.

As above, I think the value of this exercise is to make the names consistent across the whole project. If you mean you don't want to do it out of effort, I'd be happy to do it - there's only about 100 teams so far, and I already supplied suggestions for about 12 of them.

> and for obvious reason we won't allow anybody to register groups with the debian- prefix 

Is this assuming that "debian-" would mean "admin / infra teams"? Does your position change if we were to adopt Bas' suggestion of making "debian-" a "anything goes" prefix?


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