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Re: Automatic downloading of non-free software by stuff in main

Quoting Ian Jackson (2017-12-07 17:06:43)
> Paul R. Tagliamonte writes ("Re: Automatic downloading of non-free software by stuff in main"):
>> I claim if you can read this attribute, you can observe the rest of 
>> those actions passively.
> So the secret police who have seized my computer, or my spouse who 
> suspects me of looking at the "wrong" sort of websites (but doesn't 
> want to risk installing spyware), or my employer who has suspended me 
> because they to fire me unjustifiably and is now searching my 
> computer, can easily get into their time machine and go back and make 
> the computer tell them what I did last week ?
> No.
> (Your logic would argue that browser porn mode is basically 
> pointless.)

Your "porn mode" browser plugin would tell your browser to pass a 
redacted URL to the filesystem.  Your enemies would then know only that 
you redacted something.

If you want to hide that as well, you will need to replace your 
"porn-mode" browser plugin with a "porn-and-stealth-mode plugin which 
instead of simple redaction spews Facebook URLs instead.

(and you need also need to buy a faster laptop to keep up with the 
CPU-hungry reasoning engine used to pick Facebook URLs adequately 
non-random yet not themselves revealing - whatever that means...)

If you want to save power and money, then go deep into the config 
options for your pron-mode plugin and enable "I trust everything on the 
Internet and want to treat all downloaded files as local when in porn 

 - Jonas

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