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Re: Appropriate escalation (or non-escalation) re rude emails

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> writes:

    Chris> However, I do not believe one needs standing to do so and
    Chris> would highly encourage people to call out behaviour they feel
    Chris> is unacceptable, whoever they are or whatever flags they have
    Chris> in the Debian LDAP server.

    Chris> Indeed, this is probably more effective at changing the
    Chris> culture as it does not involve a paternalistic/authoritarian
    Chris> "telling off". Thoughts?

In general, I think this is great.
I have a few fbits of advice I'd offer:

1) I'd recommend being extra careful that such mails are clear,
respectful and compassionate.  Clearly explain what behavior you hope
will change, why that would be valuable.  Talk about the behavior on
content not about the person.

2) Especially when there's area for disagreement make it clear what
position you have in the project.  Hi, I'm the DAM, and THIS MUST STOP
NOW requires a different approach if you think the request to change is
unreasonable than hi I'm a user and I hope everyone in the project

3) Similar to 2.  I don't think you can take off any hats you do have
when sending such mails.  If you have a role in our account,
antiharassment, conduct, listmaster, moderation, or other related
processes, you can't really ever give that up when talking to people
about conduct.  People will hear, and to some large extent should hear
your message with the hat, even if you intend it without the hat.  And
so, I think you need to take the same level of responsibility and care
for anything unofficial that you would for something more official,
because it's subject to the same potential for abuse.


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