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Appropriate escalation (or non-escalation) re rude emails

In the last week or so I have sent two mails to Debian contributors
saying to them that I felt their message was rude or otherwise had
inappropriate elements.

Normally when I do this I get a reply saying "sorry, that's not what I
meant" or "you are right and I was angry, I have written to XYZ to
clarify/apologise" or some such.  (Indeed as someone who sometimes
finds it difficult to maintain an even keel about things I feel
strongly about, I have received such messages myself and generally
tried to use them to become a better person etc.)

However, in the last two cases I the contributors I complained to have
said they disagree.  I won't quote their words.

How serious does an issue have to be, or how persistent the
misbehaviour, before I should forward the question to someone ?

Personally I don't often get the impression that listmaster@ welcome
complaints about what might be seen as mild misbehaviour.  And if I
see someone being rude directly to another contributor, but CC'd to
the public, it feels odd to be reporting that to the antiharassment
team.  Do I need to have standing ?


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