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Re: Bitcoin donations

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> writes:

    >> And why would you refuse a way to submit donations that's
    >> convenient for some donors?
    Ben> [...]

    Ben> Mozilla tried it and the result was a net negative:
    Ben> https://fundraising.mozilla.org/bitcoin-donations-to-mozilla-17-days-in/

The link you site does not support the claim that it was a net negative.
The link you site claims that sticking bitcoin donations *on the main
donation form* was a net negative.
Unfortunately because of the methodology we don't have a good idea why
it was a net negative or whether that would apply to Debian.
(This is not a criticism of the methodology which sounds great, just a

At least from the discussion on that post it sounds like accepting
bitcoin donations was a net positive provided that they were isolated
from other donations.

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