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Re: Appropriate escalation (or non-escalation) re rude emails

El 25 de octubre de 2017 22:52:43 CEST, Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> escribió:
>In the last week or so I have sent two mails to Debian contributors
>saying to them that I felt their message was rude or otherwise had
>inappropriate elements.
>Normally when I do this I get a reply saying "sorry, that's not what I
>meant" or "you are right and I was angry, I have written to XYZ to
>clarify/apologise" or some such.  (Indeed as someone who sometimes
>finds it difficult to maintain an even keel about things I feel
>strongly about, I have received such messages myself and generally
>tried to use them to become a better person etc.)
>However, in the last two cases I the contributors I complained to have
>said they disagree.  I won't quote their words.
>How serious does an issue have to be, or how persistent the
>misbehaviour, before I should forward the question to someone ?

IMO for the a-h team, it's not related to seriousness, since it's not an escalation. 

A-H members may help actors to voice their opinion in a more calm tone and to remind people to stay civilized. 

Some people don't mind to do this themselves (thanks!), others make an effort and do it because they feel it's important (thanks!) but others feel shy or unempowered. A-H can try to help anybody who cares about the good environment in our community (being friendly and helpful to each other).

>Personally I don't often get the impression that listmaster@ welcome
>complaints about what might be seen as mild misbehaviour.  And if I
>see someone being rude directly to another contributor, but CC'd to
>the public, it feels odd to be reporting that to the antiharassment

Why odd? We don't track every list or may have backlog to read.

> Do I need to have standing ?

No. You care about the community and their members, that is enough.

Now, all this said, please note that:

* we (antiharassment) are a very small team that needs to grow and renew (for the situation of the members and for the characteristics of the task). Sometimes we are very slow. Sometimes dialog does not work and we end up escalating (leader, dam).
* trying to solve/deescalate things in good will, without reporting to a-h, is also ok. It shouldn't be assumed that "since there was no report to a-h, there was no issue or it was not serious".

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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