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Re: On the Anti Harassment Team

Hi all

El 13/08/17 a las 21:28, Sotirios Vrachas escribió:
>> 3) Members: the job that our team does is quite taxing and in order to be
>> responsive we would like to have new members, and work on a rotational
>> basis (i.e. two or three years of term, not forever) to avoid burn-out.
>> Additionally, we believe that we need extra training to be better prepared
>> to handling issues, this is something that we want to work on.
> Rotation after two or three years requires a long term commitment from
> new members. Six months shifts with the relevant training might be a lot
> less taxing to everyone.

Thanks for caring.

I wouldn't ask anybody a mid-long term commitment from the beginning: we are
volunteers, it's perfectly ok to take a break or step down from the team
for any reason, at any time.

The comment about 2-3 year membership is more intended to the project to take
into account that even in the case that team members would feel ok and
work fine, they probably will need a break "soon". And then you need to
sum the amount of time of finding new person(s) to join the team, and leave
them a bit of margin to get accostumed to the team and participate without
feeling the pressure to be in the "first line".

In fact, I think the same for any Debian team, not only Anti Harassment Team...

Best regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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