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Re: On the Anti Harassment Team


On Sun, Aug 13 2017, Margarita Manterola wrote:

> 4) Name: we find that "anti harassment" is not a great name both
> because it's negative and because it puts people on edge when we
> contact them.  We asked people to suggest other names.  The current
> best suggestion that we have is "Respect & Inclusion team" with
> respect@debian.org as the alias (not created yet). This discussion is
> still open and we welcome other suggestions and ideas (contact us via
> antiharassment@debian.org ).

On the other hand, having a team labelled "anti-harassment" immediately
reassures people that the project takes harassment seriously.  If I
needed to contact the team, I would wonder whether a respect and
inclusion team was really interested in my case.  But that's just me.

Sean Whitton

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