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Re: If Debian support OS certification?

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 11:43 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

> The use of a live-cd wouldn't work, simply because we also may want to
> certify heterogeneous hardware (think about your USB missile launcher
> example). Therefore, a general case live-cd will not cover all cases. In
> such cases, self-certification wouldn't work.

There are options for solving this:

Install the full range of hardware support packages in the live-cd.

Install isenkram on the live-cd:


> Though the Debian organization and brand would be clearly improved.

Well, that depends which segment of our user base you are focused on.
If you care about corporate use of Debian, sure it definitely will. It
doesn't help regular users, for them the InstallingDebianOn and
ChrootOnAndroid are probably enough. Some may even be put off by
pandering to corporate interests, but we do a fair bit of that

> Yes, we want openness and fairness in the process, even in the list of
> approved people doing the certification.

I'm having trouble thinking of an appropriate certifier approval
process, any thoughts?

> IMO, we should concentrate on having one first
> hardware maker certified through a 3rd party.

Quanta seems like the obvious choice, since they asked for it recently.

Is anyone aware of an appropriate 3rd party?

> Incrementally improving the process is the only realistic way to go.

It is also important to get the fundamentals correct.



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