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Re: If Debian support OS certification?

On 03/14/2017 05:17 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 10:27 AM, Eric Lai (賴裕文) wrote:
>> This is Eric from Quanta Cloud Technology, Taiwan.
>> I am in charge of server hardware certification.
>> We would like to know if Debian can perform hardware certification as well.
>> If support, please advise the process and any document we can refer it.
> At this time, Debian does not have a formal hardware certification program.
> If you are interested in checking how Debian works with your hardware [...]

Paul and others,

While it is nice to answer the way you did, here, Debian is missing yet
another opportunity that other commercial distro would not. Maybe we
should have a BoF at debconf Montreal about this.

Quanta is a company shipping servers. If I'm not mistaking, they're
located in Shanghai. One thing they used to do (and probably continue to
do) is building servers matching open specifications from the "open
compute" project. That really appeals to Debian moral standards, IMO.

What they are interested about, is having *us*, Debian, to certify that
their hardware work on our system, so that their customer trust they can
buy it to run Debian. It'd be a bit weird if they were certifying

Now one idea: one way we could provide the certification would be asking
for hardware sponsorship. This way, we (ie: the DSA team) would get
"free" hardware, in exchange for a certification. Obviously, we'd need
to discuss this with the DSA.

Then we'd need a kind of "Debian certified hardware" logo that we would
agree the certified company use for some hardware. This would need SPI
approval, since that's the entity owning the rights for the Debian logo.

Thoughts anyone?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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