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Re: producing, distributing, storing Debian t-shirts

Le lundi, 1 mai 2017, 18.28:37 h CEST Daniel Pocock a écrit :
> On 01/05/17 18:14, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> > The cost structure for that one-time project made it possible to sell the
> > Debian-branded knives for the same non-branded retail price. That's really
> > cool, but also meant an inexistant margin.
> > 
> > But add to that the effort it took to collect pre-orders, then orders, and
> > then manage the stock and the international shipping for small and
> > expensive little gems that were acquired initially in an expensive
> > currency (CHF); wedidn't make a penny worth of margin, for _a lot_ of
> > administrativia and effort.
> Thanks for the update on that
> Would you consider it worthwhile doing an exercise like that again if
> people were ordering them in batch to be delivered at DebConf?

The administrativia overload still stands: pre-orders, stock management, money 
collecting (in various currencies, of course), etc. Such orders come with 
minimal monetary amounts (to reduce the cost-per-unit of the branding), which 
then implies carrying around merchandise worth thousands of dollars, in easy 
to steal (very small) items. It's been fun in 2011, but I would not do it 
again, no. I have better uses of my Debian time. :)

If there's interest, I would _really_ recommend finding a trustable and 
specialized partner (such as EnVenteLibre) to manage that, even if Debian is 
to provide the initial funds and/or let a certain percentage go.


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