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Re: producing, distributing, storing Debian t-shirts

On 01/05/17 18:14, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> Le dimanche, 30 avril 2017, 17.42:53 h CEST Andrew M.A. Cater a écrit :
>> Debian.ch did one very cool piece of merchandise - customised Victorinox
>> knives with Debian logo. Fantastic, useful - and potentially illegal to
>> carry but a lovely thing. I think it took a huge time to organise the
>> logistics although the cost wasn't huge since the manufacturers do this
>> regularly and the retooling isn't massive the overhead was high.
> The cost structure for that one-time project made it possible to sell the 
> Debian-branded knives for the same non-branded retail price. That's really 
> cool, but also meant an inexistant margin.
> But add to that the effort it took to collect pre-orders, then orders, and 
> then manage the stock and the international shipping for small and expensive 
> little gems that were acquired initially in an expensive currency (CHF); 
> wedidn't make a penny worth of margin, for _a lot_ of administrativia and 
> effort.

Thanks for the update on that

Would you consider it worthwhile doing an exercise like that again if
people were ordering them in batch to be delivered at DebConf?  That
would eliminate individual trips to the post office, packaging and other



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