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using Debian funds to sponsor other events?

Hi all,

Have there been previous discussions about using Debian funds to sponsor
arbitrary free software events?

I don't think Debian has the financial means to sponsor any arbitrary
event or to give funds to events just for publicity or goodwill.
However, maybe there are cases where other events might spend the money
in a way Debian would have used the money and then the publicity and
goodwill Debian gets from being listed as a sponsor is a bonus.

Here are some of the thoughts that came to my mind:

- given the growing inconvenience of travel, and the high cost (both
financial and time) for developers to travel to global events, there are
cases where it is more productive for developers to attend local events

- local events are not always "Debian" events though, they may involve a
combination of different communities

- some events may spend the money on things the DPL would have approved
anyway (e.g. paying travel expenses for Debian people who volunteer,
give talks, operate a booth)

- if the event team is able to take a chunk of Debian money and
administer the expenses this may be more efficient than Debian's own
trust organizations working through the individual expenses

- sometimes the event teams add extra value too, e.g. at FOSSASIA they
were able to have Debian stand-up banners produced as part of a bigger
order.  Other examples may include events who can provide equipment for
a Debian booth.

- maybe Debian could even publish some criteria and invite organizers of
events to apply for grants?  E.g. Debian offers $US 1,000 to any event
that does A, B and C, with a maximum of X sponsorships per year.



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