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Re: Inappropriate content on planet.debian.org and need of evolution of documentation and CoC

On 14635 March 1977, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> Thank you for your fine words. The same goes for everybody else as
> well. This is going to be a bit long-winded so please excuse.

Is anything you ever wrote short? I have yet to see the day where you
produce output thats less than a dozen paragraphs. And thats straight to
the point instead of retelling the whole story of earth and humankind to
set a base that in the end doesn't appear to be neccessary. I skip most
of your stuff usually because its just way too long.

> Cut to 2016 and after South Africa trip, I had promised myself as well
> as others on the debconf-discuss that I will share some of the
> highlights of the trip. I found photos really capture the moment and
> once you start describing a certain photo you relive the moment all
> over again. For this purposes, I did get access to debconf gallery
> page but its usage is only for debconf images.

And that stuff is good, and while it all was lengthy, it actually was a
nice read.

> One of the first lessons I was taught the importance of having both
> pictures and short paragraphs.

Short paragraphs alone don't make it better if you end up with a million
of them. Turns out to be the same long text in the end.

> Now as far as me writing technical content about Debian on p.d.o. is
> concerned, that's a laugh. I do not think that there is anything I
> write technically which will be news either to Debian or/and DD's. In
> fact, if people looked at the itsfoss.com articles they will find most
> are beginner-friendly articles.

And Planet is not a forum where everything must be news to DDs/DMs and
gosh, beware, if we don't learn something new technical every day on
Planet, day is bad. Not at all.

> Somebody shared that ranting about Debian is fine. I disagree with
> that.

But of course ranting is fine.

> Having said that, I know now its not alright to have anything even
> remotedly talk about sex  at p.d.o. at all.

And thats lets me wonder if you understood what you got told about the
one post from you that got this all started. No, talking about sex is
NOT forbidden. Thats not what you got told. Its also not "must be safe
for 12 year olds". 

The fine point is to do it in a way that will not get fellow Debianites
into trouble (and to not have sex talk as your only content...). A
picture like was in your post is able to get people into trouble, some
employers do have pretty strict rules. Describing an act (in a halfway
human way, not like writing a porn movie seller) won't (as much) make

(And then add on top that we are a pretty huge community with a whole
load of different views on life and all its matters. Keep in mind that
Planet may be read by all of us, so try to not be demeaning in your

bye, Joerg

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