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Re: Inappropriate content on planet.debian.org and need of evolution of documentation and CoC

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 6:58 AM, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:
Separately, on the textual content... I'm not sure exactly the right way
to phrase this advice, but I do think you use your blog to explore
intensely personal philosophical questions.  I understand that you really
want to explore those with other people in the project as well, but I can
also see how it can be a little out of step with what others post there.
I'm not really certain how much of a problem it is, but the piece of the
Planet Debian policy that I would have pointed you at isn't the
family-friendly bit, but the "excessively personal information" bit.

I would really like this point to come to a more concrete precise line, even if the nature of it is to be a blurred one. This way you can still decide how out of the (blurred-)line somebody is. The current 'try not to annoy people' is weird and feels like it says 'try not to annoy the wrong people'

It comes down to know if planet is about debian or about debian developers

My personal opinion is that it should be about debian, not about debian developers. Random rants, specially cathartic ones slightly related to the debian philosophy of life, should be curbed. And therefore, post about your holidays or book reviews should be out of the question. Rants about debian should be okay tho :)

Luckily only a handful of people step out of this line, so in practice is not a problem. Specially by a beloved developer as Russ, which many people like and which opinion in matters is important for many as well

Not having written rules about this makes other people say, why cant I as well?

My other important point is that this is not about curbing people opinions or exposure, its about not misusing a tool. We are people and many share hobbies and ideas about life. But there are other spaces to share this content on the internet. If I want to see cat pictures I go to a cat pictures website which are galore. I dont need somebody to share their cat pictures in planet debian

For many, debian is full of friends, so sharing with planet debian feels like sharing with friends. But the reality is that there are many people reading the feed. Many more than your inner circle of friends in debian

Luckily, most people realize this and only share their posts tagged with debian

When the line about being related to debian is dubious, think, how many people would opt-in to this kind of posts if i made a separate feed? That should self-clarify if it belongs to the planet

Im sure this has been discussed ad nauseum (Debian style) and I just took the opportunity now that somebody else brought it up. Im just a small contributor... I dont contribute near as much as somebody like Russ, so I feel little out of line saying this. But take it just as my opinion on the subject and nothing more :)

I have a small blog as well with a couple of posts about debian, but I still dont think it is useful enough to waste so many peoples time by aggregating it to the planet


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