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contacting Debian is too easy to get wrong

Hi all,

When I was a press team assistant and with the various DSA addresses,
I've noticed that it is far too easy for folks unfamiliar with Debian
to contact the wrong addresses for their queries. I expect all of the
Debian teams with @debian.org aliases have found something similar.

This causes various problems, including:

Wasting the time of both Debian and people contacting us.

Having queries ignored due to busy teams or frustration.

People getting angry at us for redirecting them to user support
channels, when they should have gone there first.

I think these actions could possibly help fix this problem:

Create a new contact.debian.org service to help people find the right
contact for their queries before they make contact.

Have a team of folks with good general knowledge of Debian as a whole
who can recieve the queries that don't fit any contact.d.o category and
respond appropriately as well as update the service.

Replace contact information in various places with links to
contact.d.o, with appropriate query parameters to DTRT.

Fix reportbug to ask people reporting general/base/etc bugs to support.

<insert your ideas here>

Any thoughts on this issue?

Is anyone interested in working on this problem?



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