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Re: contacting Debian is too easy to get wrong

Hello Paul,

On Tue, 2017-03-21 at 12:01 +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Hi all,
> When I was a press team assistant and with the various DSA addresses,
> I've noticed that it is far too easy for folks unfamiliar with Debian
> to contact the wrong addresses for their queries. I expect all of the
> Debian teams with @debian.org aliases have found something similar.
> This causes various problems, including:
> Wasting the time of both Debian and people contacting us.
> Having queries ignored due to busy teams or frustration.
> People getting angry at us for redirecting them to user support
> channels, when they should have gone there first.
> I think these actions could possibly help fix this problem:
> Create a new contact.debian.org service to help people find the right
> contact for their queries before they make contact.

Yes. This would be great. An online form, that anyone could use to ask a
question would be nice.

Much nicer would be if the user could use this form to ask question about
specifics. For example, Tracker could have a new field, "Ask a question".

The contact online form could also be made to direct to correct pages, when
users have specific questions.

> Have a team of folks with good general knowledge of Debian as a whole
> who can recieve the queries that don't fit any contact.d.o category and
> respond appropriately as well as update the service.

For generic questions, assign question to "PR Team".

For specific (package) questions, assign to Individuals/Teams just like bug

Essentially, a Question Tracking System, similar to BTS. Launchpad has a nice
"Ask Questions" feature.

> Replace contact information in various places with links to
> contact.d.o, with appropriate query parameters to DTRT.
> Fix reportbug to ask people reporting general/base/etc bugs to support.
> <insert your ideas here>
> Any thoughts on this issue?
> Is anyone interested in working on this problem?

I don't have much web skills but I'd volunteer to be part of that team and help
in whatever way feasible.

Given the large number of mailing lists I follow, I request you to CC
me in replies for quicker response

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