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Re: Would you agree - Debian is for the tech savvy

Le 17/01/2016 00:31, Stephan Foley a écrit :
> On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 6:20 AM, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe
> <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
>> The main difference between Debian and Ubuntu is that the installer is
>> less friendly-user, and the firmware are not loaded by default. But I
>> think Debian is really the Universal Operating System. And it's the
>> characterization I prefer: saying this, it shows how Debian is for
>> anybody. But if one is not a technician, it could need help, of course.
>> But 1st, it matches to the collaborative state of spirit in free
>> software. 2nd, if paid, it enables to finance free software dev. 3rd,
>> never forget that any OS, included proprietary ones, would be difficult
>> to install if not provided in computers. Installing an OS and having all
>> benefits is not easy for a non-technician, also with Ubuntu.
> I do respect all the qualities you mentioned about Debian's commitment
> to only free software, although it does make installing more
> difficult.

Right. However, the driver issue exists also on other OS, even modern
(including Windows XP and newer). So this problem, while existing, is
not Debian-specific. That's why I think Debian needs to be considered as
a classical OS, easy to use once installed, some9hat hard to install
like any OS, and more stable in the time and with few risk updates.


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