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Re: Would you agree - Debian is for the tech savvy


I don't know what is this characterization for, but I don't like it very
much. Indeed, it would make more difficult to explain, as I do with
Hypra or free software promotion organizations, that Debian is the best
solution for a universally accessible operating system (and I'm sure it
is). Moreover, it wouldn't be exact, in my opinion.

The main difference between Debian and Ubuntu is that the installer is
less friendly-user, and the firmware are not loaded by default. But I
think Debian is really the Universal Operating System. And it's the
characterization I prefer: saying this, it shows how Debian is for
anybody. But if one is not a technician, it could need help, of course.
But 1st, it matches to the collaborative state of spirit in free
software. 2nd, if paid, it enables to finance free software dev. 3rd,
never forget that any OS, included proprietary ones, would be difficult
to install if not provided in computers. Installing an OS and having all
benefits is not easy for a non-technician, also with Ubuntu.

So really, I wouldn't like such characte!ization if a communication
would be done on it. In my opinion, "the Universal OS" is fine, or "the
multilevels system", or "the system you desire" (as we can use it on
little or powerful machines, for server or end-user desktop, etc. Or "a
base for any usage in free software".


Le 16/01/2016 04:48, Stephan Foley a écrit :
> Hello, I'm trying to characterize Debian and have the following:
>     Debian is for the tech savvy sys admin type and the server market
> Is this a good characterization or am I off base?
> Thanks


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