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Re: vmdebootstrap sprint report


> There has been some efforts around bootstrap-vz for cloud images inside
> the Debian Cloud team. Zigo also has its own tool to publish "blessed"
> Openstack images (but they work fine for other clouds too). As far as I
> know, this plan to also provide official Debian VM images was not
> discussed with those parties.
> It's a bit a pity to see the existing efforts just discarded.

I *really* hope that there is some kind of misunderstanding here. Since the
first time I heard about vmdebootstrap, on Steve McIntyre's report about Debian
CD BoF at DebConf15[1], I thought that it was a tool related to Live Images
only. It's scary to think that its intention is to also replace a tool like
bootstrap-vz that has been used for years, is currently maintained and is
pretty stable. Specially when not even mentioning this to the Debian Cloud

[1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2015/09/msg00030.html

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