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Re: vmdebootstrap sprint report

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 08:53:11AM -0200, Tiago Ilieve wrote:
>> There has been some efforts around bootstrap-vz for cloud images inside
>> the Debian Cloud team. Zigo also has its own tool to publish "blessed"
>> Openstack images (but they work fine for other clouds too). As far as I
>> know, this plan to also provide official Debian VM images was not
>> discussed with those parties.
>> It's a bit a pity to see the existing efforts just discarded.
>I *really* hope that there is some kind of misunderstanding here. Since the
>first time I heard about vmdebootstrap, on Steve McIntyre's report about Debian
>CD BoF at DebConf15[1], I thought that it was a tool related to Live Images
>only. It's scary to think that its intention is to also replace a tool like
>bootstrap-vz that has been used for years, is currently maintained and is
>pretty stable. Specially when not even mentioning this to the Debian Cloud

vmdebootstrap is a generic tool which *can* be used as a base for all
sorts of live-type images. To the best of my knowledge, there's no
grand plan by anyone to force this (or *any* tool) on
anybody. However, as Riku pointed out at DC15 we have *many* different
image generation tools in use in and around Debian and it might be
nice to share some efforts and tools where it makes sense in future.

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