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Re: vmdebootstrap sprint report

On Mon, 09 Nov 2015 13:58:31 -0500
Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:

> Long term, how does this project relate to live-build.

The vmdebootstrap project is aimed at building a small, contained, tool
which does one thing well.

The output of vmdebootstrap can be used as a better replacement for
live-build and hence we prepared live-build-ng to fix persistent issues
in the live builds done by the debian-cd team.

> Is live-build going away, or are there different use cases where you'd
> want to use one vs the other?

That remains to be seen. The objective was to replace live-build in the
preparation of official Debian live images as well as provide official
Debian VM images (without using live-build). It is also only live-build
which is being replaced, live-boot and live-config are used by
live-build-ng - for at least as long as those continue to work.


Neil Williams

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