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Re: hosted project management tools

On 20 de octubre de 2015 21:47:16 GMT+02:00, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:
>I've been looking at how to project manage some of the free RTC
>initiative and it would probably benefit from a hosted
>project-management system.
>It is not specific to Debian, so it probably wouldn't be a good match
>for the BTS.  Can anybody comment on other hosted platforms that may be
>suitable?  There is a preference for something that is based on free
>software, where the data can be exported in bulk and where other
>collaborators can log in easily without requiring Google accounts or
>It is not specifically a requirement for a software bug tracker either.
> Most of the projects (e.g. Lumicall, reSIProcate) have their own bug
>trackers.  What I'm basically aiming to do is create higher level
>project tasks that link to things in the individual bug trackers.
>For example, in a hierarchical setup, there might be some top-level
>projects with tasks and sub-tasks, e.g.
>- Improve free softphones
>  - launch Telepathy-resiprocate (link to project wiki)
>  - Jitsi
>    - packages
>      - tasks for individual things to sponsor
>- Documentation
>  - RTC Quick Start Guide
>    - translation
>- Help individual communities implement RTC
>  - Debian (rtc.debian.org)
>    - _turn._udp SRV record issue (link to DSA RT)
>    - finish XMPP setup (link to DSA RT)
>    - setup debian-rtc mailing list (BTS #8029493)
>  - FSFE
>    - XMPP domain issue
>  - Fedora
>    - move fedrtc.org to infrastructure (link to thread)
>- Server solutions
>  - improve packages
>    - help FreeSWITCH make official packages
>  - create docker images
>    - SIP
>    - XMPP
>    - TURN
>  - create plugins for hosting control panels
>The reason for doing this is to make it easier for other people to
>collaborate in various ways, e.g. upstreams will be able to see where
>their work is going to be deployed.

What about https://taiga.io/  ? Looks like an evolution of redmine, it's free software, and they offer hosting free of charge for public projects.

I didn't try it, though, nor know how easy or difficult could be to move the data in the hosted project to an own instance in case you want it someday, and/or to other management system in case they vanish or become nonfree...


Laura Arjona Reina
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