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Re: hosted project management tools

On 21/10/15 22:25, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> On 10/21/2015 10:04 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> so it is nice to know I could run it myself.  Do you know anybody who is
>> hosting it for community projects such as what I described?  I'm a bit
>> wary of hosting another application myself as it takes time away from
>> developing the things I actually want to create.
> no, sorry.
> but its rather easy to install. php and a database and you are done.
> authentication in integration into other tools is a different thing, though.

I agree it might be easy to install but there is always some ongoing
effort to apply security updates, deal with DoS attacks and so on.  In
my own experience, the more services I host, even if they appear trivial
to support, the more likely one of them will need some attention the
same day that I am leaving for vacation or whatever.  Another problem
I've had is that sometimes the packages are in Debian and then they are
abandoned (e.g. Bugzilla) and then I am stuck running that service on
some old version of Debian (the old Bugzilla packages kept working on
wheezy boxes but they fail if a box upgrades to jessie).  People often
don't appreciate the effort that teams like DSA put in to keep services
running 24x7 on the public Internet, if a service gets used seriously,
there is usually a lot more to it than just dropping in the package.



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