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Re: hosted project management tools

On 21/10/15 22:33, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:

>> The reason for doing this is to make it easier for other people to
>> collaborate in various ways, e.g. upstreams will be able to see where
>> their work is going to be deployed.
> What about https://taiga.io/  ? Looks like an evolution of redmine, it's free software, and they offer hosting free of charge for public projects.
> I didn't try it, though, nor know how easy or difficult could be to move the data in the hosted project to an own instance in case you want it someday, and/or to other management system in case they vanish or become nonfree...

Thanks for this feedback.  I had a quick look at their web site and then
tried to use the register link to set up an account:


and the registration form doesn't appear at all in iceweasel, the whole
window is just blank (white background).  In Chromium the registration
form appears.  I've seen similar problems accessing travis-ci from

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