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hosted project management tools

I've been looking at how to project manage some of the free RTC
initiative and it would probably benefit from a hosted
project-management system.

It is not specific to Debian, so it probably wouldn't be a good match
for the BTS.  Can anybody comment on other hosted platforms that may be
suitable?  There is a preference for something that is based on free
software, where the data can be exported in bulk and where other
collaborators can log in easily without requiring Google accounts or

It is not specifically a requirement for a software bug tracker either.
 Most of the projects (e.g. Lumicall, reSIProcate) have their own bug
trackers.  What I'm basically aiming to do is create higher level
project tasks that link to things in the individual bug trackers.

For example, in a hierarchical setup, there might be some top-level
projects with tasks and sub-tasks, e.g.

- Improve free softphones
  - launch Telepathy-resiprocate (link to project wiki)
  - Jitsi
    - packages
      - tasks for individual things to sponsor

- Documentation
  - RTC Quick Start Guide
    - translation

- Help individual communities implement RTC
  - Debian (rtc.debian.org)
    - _turn._udp SRV record issue (link to DSA RT)
    - finish XMPP setup (link to DSA RT)
    - setup debian-rtc mailing list (BTS #8029493)
  - FSFE
    - XMPP domain issue
  - Fedora
    - move fedrtc.org to infrastructure (link to thread)

- Server solutions
  - improve packages
    - help FreeSWITCH make official packages
  - create docker images
    - SIP
    - XMPP
    - TURN
  - create plugins for hosting control panels

The reason for doing this is to make it easier for other people to
collaborate in various ways, e.g. upstreams will be able to see where
their work is going to be deployed.

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