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Re: Graphic contribution for wiki and general communication

> I'm Juliette Belin, a french student. I've create the Debian Jessie theme
> and would like to continue contributing to the Debian project.
> Do you think that infographic like this one, created by Claudio Filho,
> could be useful ?
> http://cfnarede.com.br/infographic-of-debian
> I would like to create this kind of artwork to explain for example how to
> package, how to choose a desktop, or anything that could be useful for any
> debian new contributor or user.
> Infographics can be understand in a very easier way than reading a lot of
> wiki pages (and can be added as additional informations and summary), and
> can also be diffused easier on social network, or by mail...
> what do you think of this idea ?

That sounds like a great idea! Infographics are simpler, and thus
hopefully will make the process of understanding Debian easier for new

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