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Re: Doubt.

mudongliang <mudongliangabcd@hotmail.com> writes:

> On Thu, 2015-04-16 at 00:01 +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote: 
>> (It looks like keeping Daniel in the loop would have been a nice idea,
>> cc-ing accordingly.)
>> Hi,
>> Jonathan Dowland <jmtd@debian.org> (2015-04-15):
>> > On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:08:04AM -0300, Daniel Lucena wrote:
>> > > I would like know if between download images of Debian 8 (after
>> > > became stable) the Mate Desktop Environment will be available or i
>> > > need install Debian NetInstall and after install Mate packages with
>> > > aptitude?
>> > 
>> > This type of question is best asked on the debian-user mailing list.
>> > 
>> > Yes, MATE is going to be part of jessie (Debian 8).
>> > 
>> > If you use the netinstall CD images, you will need to install MATE
>> > via apt (or aptitude) after install: it is not included on the netinst
>> > CD image.
>> That's incorrect. If you enable a network mirror (which is the default
>> if you have some working networking), tasksel will ask you which desktop
>> environment(s) you want to install. The ones tasksel knows about are:
>>  - GNOME
>>  - Xfce
>>  - KDE
>>  - Cinnamon
>>  - MATE
>>  - LXDE
> For the tasksel you said , I think it is only a tool. It will depend
> your choose to download package and install it!So there is no much
> difference with hand-apt-install!
> mudongliang

Tasksel is run automatically as part of the install process.  There is
no real distinction to the way that MATE is treated when compared with
Gnome or Xfce, say.

Choosing any of them is likely to result in hundreds of packages being
installed.  Those packages need to be obtained somehow, so if one is
using the netinst image they'll be downloaded no matter which desktop is
chosen.  If one is using a DVD, then all those packages are liable to be
available on DVD #1, regardless of the desktop chosen.
The only time one is going to see any significant difference is if one
uses the CD images, and chooses to only use a fraction of the set, at
which point one might find that Gnome is available from CD while the
other desktops still need to be downloaded, but if you're wanting MATE
then you will not do that.

As you suggest, it is also possible to run tasksel later, on the
installed system, in which case it does just provide an alternative
approach to installing the same packages with one's normal package

Cheers, Phil.
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