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Re: Can I still depend on Debian?

On 17/11/14 11:08, Joe Neal wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been using Debian since the never-ending Sarge freeze.  I've never
> really used anything else.  I presently depend on servers running Debian
> to pay rent and put food on my table.
> The thing is, Debian seems to be self-destructing.  Can you blame me for
> wondering if I should upgrade my servers to Jessie when the time comes
> or migrate them to another distro entirely?
> Please remember that for every every DD filled with angst over the
> current state of affairs in Debian, there are many more users, corporate
> and small business, who depend on it to keep the cashflow going.  We
> need to be able to make concrete plans, and with the present
> indeterminate state of Debian, we can't do that.  

Not sure I understand - the Debian Free Software Guidelines and the
Social Contract are just about set in stone and nobody is talking about
changing them.  You can definitely rely on them.  Those are the things
that bind us together as Debian Developers and those are the things that
users are excited about.

Politics happens everywhere.  Student politics, for example, is
infinitely nastier than the politics Debian has seen recently but
somehow students everywhere still get their free beers (and bonus
hangover) in O-week/freshers week, year after year.

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