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What are your Debian plans for Jessie?

Dear Project,

I know you all have been working during the last year to improve things in
your "corner" of the project for the next Debian release. I would like to
invite you to communicate to the larger project about what you are working on
through the publicity team.

You can:

- blog about your project or happenings, and/or submit a post to the Debian
blog (https://bits.debian.org )
- send an email to relevant mailing list(s)
- mail[1] the publicity team directly via debian-publicity@ or join
#debian-publicity to get your news or items of interest into the next DPN

This mail is based in Enrico's blog[2] post for some days ago about fun and
sanity. I'm sure there are plenty of more things. Please, share what you have
done for Jessie!



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