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Bits from the Publicity Team

Hi everybody,

The release of Jessie is approaching. Plenty of exciting things are happening
in Debian every day and and its also a great time for the publicity team to
remind you how to use Debian advertisement channels.

First of all, you don't need to a Debian Developer to suggest something
or help out!

How to help

- Sending DENTS to https://identi.ca/debian

If you see an interesting Debian related post or discussion on Planet Debian,
the mailing lists, forums, IRC or elsewhere, please post a link to the news
item in the #debian-publicity IRC channel. You can highlight the news item as
a DENT, in the format of: "DENT: some text here http://urlhere/";.
If the suggestion is good, somebody else will then ACK, and then someone
with access will post it. We also need people to ack incoming proposals in a
timely manner.

- Adding a item to DPN

If you see an interesting Debian related post or discussion, you can add a
paragraph to the next edition easily. Debian members and members of the
publicity team can commit directly to SVN, others can mail the list or mention
things on the IRC channel #debian-publicity. If you don't have time to prepare
a paragraph, you can simply add a link and a title to our TODO file.

- Submitting a post to https://bits.debian.org

You can submit a blog post to bits.debian.org when you have something
interesting to announce that's not so  serious that it needs a press release or
you want to expand in a press release with data, photos, etc, in a more informal
way. You also can ask for a re-post of the announce from your personal blog.

To submit a blog post, you only need to write your post using markdown. You can
use the template at
https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debbits/debbits.git/plain/template.md and then
submit it to the mailing list or contact the editors in IRC.

- Adding a item to DeveloperNews

If you did or heard about something Debian packagers should hear about via
debian-devel-announce email but it is too short to warrant a full mail, please
add a paragraph about it to the DeveloperNews wiki page:
If there are now 5 items, congratulations, you just volunteered to send a mail
to debian-devel-announce :)

- Updating the debian timeline

Noteworthy Debian related happenings in various categories should be added to
the Debian timeline: http://timeline.debian.net/

We could use some help keeping it up to date you can file a bug report against
the "debian-timeline" or send a patch as explained at:

- Announcements

If you want to make an Press Release and there is information that may be under
embargo, please, contact the press team at press@debian.org
If not, just use IRC or the debian publicity mailing list.

- Other social networks

While Debian doesn't have official accounts in Facebook, twitter, Google+,
etc. Some members of the publicity team control popular accounts in
these networks. Please, join #debian-publicity and talk with us if
you want to publish something in these networks.

Future project ideas

There are some cool ideas floating around that we would like to see but nobody
actually has time to make them happen. If you are interested in helping with
any of the ideas, please join us at #debian-publicity and let's talk about it!

- Some ideas for blog posts at the Debian blog. See:

- Revive ThisWeekInDebian audio interviews.

- Subtitle old ThisWeekInDebian interviews.

- Start a regular (once per DPN?) report on things happening in IRC.

- Revive the debaday project. http://debaday.debian.net/

- Move short news (dents) to www.d.o, including historical
identi.ca/debian posts.

- Autosync short news (dents), blog posts, announcements, DPN etc to RSS,
Debian's fedmsg bus, etc. And from there to external sites such as official
Debian social networking accounts or tech websites.
This should also allow anyone to send posts to unofficial social networking

- Gather statistics and track mention of Debian on external sites to find out
about Debian related news generated by other organisations (Debian in space!
for example) as well as finding out how we are doing according to the Internet.

Ana, on belhalf of the publicity team

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