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Re: We have made the mistakes, so what now? (was: State of the project

Matthew Vernon writes ("Re: We have made the mistakes, so what now? (was: State of the project"):
> *please* reply to me on -project not -private, trimming the text I quote 
> (which is just a little at the top of this message).

As you wish...

> I would like to propose a metric before we contribute to contentious 
> discussions: "would the other party in this argument recognise their 
> position from how I describe it?"
> The systemd folk within Debian are not trying to turn Debian into a 
> GNOME desktop monoculture (regardless of whether or not upstream are 
> trying such a thing).
> The people who proposed the current GR are not trying to ban systemd or 
> force Debian's systemd maintainers to do loads of work for them. They 
> are not in favour of MikeUSA and obnoxious trolls like him.
> Post asserting either of these things (there have been a lot) or even 
> stronger caricatures do *nothing* to help - they only contribute to the 
> current poisonous atmosphere.
> DDs are trying to make Debian better. We don't all agree on exactly what 
> "better" is all the time, but we should always do each other the 
> courtesy of remembering this.
> Whatever the outcome of this GR, let's try and work *together* to make 
> Debian better, and try extra-hard not to see the people who voted 
> against us as the enemy.

... I absolutely agree with everything Matthew has said.

I'd also like to thank Sam Hartman for his excellent message "Systemd
Discussions--The Good Parts" posted earlier.


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