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Re: [Debconf-team] Trusted Organisation status for DebConf15's legal entity

* martin f krafft (madduck@debconf.org) [140427 11:00]:
> also sprach Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> [2014-04-27 10:53 +0200]:
> > However, one need to check if all of Debconf falls into that, or if
> > parts don't. Tax authorities don't necessarily consider one event
> > "treated all as one", see e.g. page 39, nr 206 of
> > http://www.bestellen.bayern.de/shoplink/06003006.htm
> Yeah, I don't think it'll work as easily as I may have portrayed.
> Does anyone know a Steuerberater (tax advisor) who would be able to
> assist in this for free, or a low fee?

According to regularation for tax advisors (Standesrecht) this won't
be legal. However there are advisors who are specialized on
pro-bono-organisations, so I would recommend checking with one of
them (I know people who work with one of the most experienced one in
Munich, so I could check if I could get a contact there, but that
won't work on a weekend).

However, that doesn't necessarily prevent the creation of the legal
association now. As said before even though I disagree with some parts
of the by-laws, as long as it's a throw-away for debconf and the
debconf-organisers are happy, please go ahead.

Clarifying taxes before money actually flows is important, but not
necessarily prior to start of setup of the legal umbrella. (Also the
international parts make that a bit more complex, one e.g. has to
check whether §50a EStG is applicable - I would assume not argueing
that we don't pay money but just replace travel costs, but also that
should get into the picture.)

Another important thing with tax authorities is simplicity: Keeping
things simple prevents them from asking too many question, which in
turn prevents them to give answers one doesn't like. So, if you want
to setup things next weekend, I would strongly recommend to restrict
it to Debconf, keep your by-laws (or better: reduce it to minimum
length, i.e. remove anything not strictly necessary there), and setup
a Debian Deutschland at a later occasion. I think the time-plan for
setting it up is still possible.


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