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Re: Trusted Organisation status for DebConf15's legal entity

On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 12:29 AM, Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> wrote:

> I'm running some throw-away non-profit organisations, and have not
> experienced problems.

Have the tax authorities been made aware of this in advance? For how
long are those organisations running?

> Debconf has a different tax situation than a normal TO setup
> (especially given the amount of money might bring us into VAT if we
> like it or not), so keeping those apart has some advantages to reduce
> long-term overhead.

I fail to see how, please expand.

> Also, having that seperated, reduces the risks
> from debconf on "normal" debian assets. For this reason, I would
> recommend to have a throw-away legal entity for debconf, and
> independendly form a debian-owned legal umbrella in Germany.

As this organisation will not hold non-DebConf Debian money or other
assets at first anyway, I do not see any risk.
And even if it does, I am still not sure what the actual risks would
be unless you assume we will run DebConf15 deep into red figures.

> You can use that name independend of how the legal umbrella is named.
> One of my legal umbrellas is named "Trägerverein HST", but runs the
> brand "Horber Schienen-Tage". This naming has not caused any issues.
> The relation between Debconf, the Debconf15 e.V. and Debian would be
> similar - related but not the same letters.

We are aware of that and would still use the name "Debian" in our
correspondence. Yet, some of us (me included) think this sends a
stronger message, increasing the potential for donations.

Thanks for your input,

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