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Re: mailing list auto subscriptions

On Wed, Feb 05, 2014 at 10:31:17PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I believe every new DD or DM should be auto subscribed to -devel,
> -project and -devel-announce (and -private for DDs), best with the
> usual "someone subscribed you for this, please confirm" confirmation
> mail, not sure how to make this reality (as in: how to change DAM
> procedures), probably by first achieving consenus here?! And then?
> (This mail is also to move a $conversation from -private to here.)
> Those 3-4 lists should be read by anyone (as in DD/DM) anyway. This
> way, we'd gently push new contributors to lists we'd expect them to
> read anyway...

I think debian-announce and debian-devel-announce should be required
reading to DDs and DMs[0], but I don't think debian-devel and
debian-project (or debian-vote) should be. These are, at times, very
high volume lists, and I'd rather our useful contributors[1] spent
their time doing stuff rather than reading a lot of e-mail.

I don't have an opinion on whether having DAM send a mail to
$list-subscribe@lists.debian.org (for some set of lists) instead of
just one mail with a pointer to the lists.debian.org subscription
page, except for this: I would expect someone who's just been through
the process to become a DM or a DD to already be subscribed to those
lists, if they're interested.

They can't be subscribed to debian-private, but that's a list I don't
think should exist at all.

[0] In whatever way they want. Direct subscription, gmane, web
    archives, or something else, it's all fine.
[1] Not me. I just whinge, these days.

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