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Re: Debian services and Debian infrastructure

On Tue, Jan 07, 2014 at 08:32:23AM -0500, Brian Gupta wrote:

> Well the toolset that people in the fast moving startup world are using to
> provide devs with a local dev environment that very much approximates their
> multinode prod envs is a combination of vagrant, virtualbox, and the puppet/
> chef code used to provision those environments. (Basically a toolset to
> automate the provisioning of local VMs that are configured like their
> production machines).
> I don't know enough about DSA infrastructure or the issues to say whether or
> not this would work for us, but it may be worth investigating.

Our production environments are debian stable+backports, and all web
application dependencies should be debian packages from

I don't think we need any fast moving startup infrastructure: just
debootstrap, puppet to configure the VM (or a copy of the server's
apache configuration), and apt-get.

We are a distribution, and already we do very good integration work.



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