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Re: Debian services and Debian infrastructure

Op 05-01-14 14:28, Joerg Jaspert schreef:
> On 13446 March 1977, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>> I'm worried that this situation is harmful for the project.
> Yes, seperate development with different requirements than the
> production environment is harmful. It's a lesson that every larger
> company with an IT Department goes through at some point - and it's
> the same for our project.
> You need a development environment that is build and handled the same
> way as the production environment. Sure you need to evolve that, it may
> not stand still, with new requirements coming along, but you need to do
> that in close work with the people maintaining the production one, to
> ensure that the way thinks evolve is actually something that can be
> mirrored in the area it is intended to be run later.
> (Alternatively you can have a free-for-all run development and then get
>  a third env, in which you then try to get to run the new release in a
>  (newer version of the) production env).

Since DSA is using puppet extensively ATM, wouldn't it be better to have
a documented procedure on how to set up a VM or chroot or similar
environment that uses DSA's puppet recipes to set up a development
instance? That way, people can make changes where necessary (while
obviously understanding these changes may or may not be acceptable),
don't have to worry about making a mistake and killing someone else's
machine (after all, it's their own machine), etc.

Just a thought.

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