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Re: Updating the Policy Editors delegation

On Mon, 06 Jan 2014, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> On Mon, 06 Jan 2014, Russ Allbery wrote:
> > Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > 
> > > This is all very well but I think de jure they aren't a delegated team,
> > > and the distinction is defined in the constitution.  This is not
> > > trivially bypassable, because a delegated team is one who derives their
> > > powers from the DPL and the constitution limits the powers of the DPL.
> > 
> > I believe that deciding on the mechanisms and machinery whereby the
> > project as a whole will work out its technical policy (as opposed to
> > disputes over the contents of that policy itself) falls nicely under 5.1.4
> > and 5.1.9, particularly the latter.
> Agreed, the role of policy editors is to maintain a document. The fact
> that it's also uploaded in Debian as a package is just a technicality.

But whether or not that document has any meaning or influence is a
question for the ftp-masters, release team, and tech-ctte.

The power of the policy maintainers comes from them being listened to by
various teams, but those teams can revoke that and listen to somebody
else or come up with their own documents as and when they see fit.

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