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Re: Updating the Policy Editors delegation

On Mon, 06 Jan 2014, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Cyril Brulebois writes ("Re: Updating the Policy Editors delegation"):
> > Have you seen some mistakes that would help us (or at least me)
> > understand which problems you're {thinking of,anticipating}?
> I think the biggest problem isn't that the policy editors are making
> mistakes, but that they aren't making enough decisions.  I'd like them
> to make more mistakes :-).

I would feel more confortable if you made that claim after having tried
to play along the current rules. To me it seems more an issue of having
enough time to animate the discussions and draft the texts than anything

Sure there are exceptions on topics which are highly specialized and where
people don't feel qualified to second (the triggers issue comes to my
mind. BTW why didn't you respond to Charles' query? he explicitly asked
a review from you...) but other than that both Russ and Charles managed to
bring multiple issues to completion without too much fuss, just explicitly
seeking for seconds when they thought that an issue was mostly ready to be

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