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Aw: Re: Google contacting (harassing?) new DDs

> 2013/12/10 Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org>:
> > it looks like as soon as one becomes DD, an email arrives from Google
> > recruiters.
> > I am toying with the idea of contacting companies with aggressive
> > recruiting policies like Google asking them to please leave us in peace,
> > and offering instead to maintain a wiki page of recruiting contacts for
> > companies that like the taste of DD blood. Something like:
> > Comments?

Debian Developers/Maintainers are self-driven technical enthusiasts
with international contacts, not afraid of peer review and most of us
also enjoy learning new stuff. We should be considered by any fast
(or not so fast) growing company to be a good idea to recruit from
or to be asked for some honest consultancy.

I have no exact idea about what we can do to help recruiters, so they
do not feel to miss out when not contacting the individual DDs directly.
Information on who is available and who not, who would be prepared to
move, who not, ... is nothing that we would want to put on any website
anywhere. We have the debian-jobs mailing list. Maybe this should be
promoted? Or should we have a list of Debian-supporting recruiters
to be contacted when up for a change?



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