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Re: Google contacting (harassing?) new DDs

Enrico Zini writes ("Re: Google contacting (harassing?) new DDs"):
> I'm not much interested in stopping spam, but in just making it better
> for everyone involved. People may not want to be contacted now, but at
> the same time may not want to train their spamfilter to delete job
> offers.
> On the recruiter's side, they would only get offers from people actually
> motivated to take up a job with them.
> On our side, we hopefully lighten the burden somewhat[1], and we get to
> know that the people not playing by the book are probably also not
> playing by a whole lot of other books, which may be another source of
> interesting information regarding a potential employer.

Also, having a clearly documented procedure like this would make it
much easier to get troublesome behaviour escalated.  Because
(a) rather than being one complaint from an individual it would be
reporting a systematic problem affecting more people and
(b) complaints would have Debian's weight behind them.

Having said that I have no problem ignoring such things.  The total
number of emails is low enough that just deleting them works for me.
(But maybe I'm not popular enough with the recuiters...)


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