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Re: Should mailing list bans be published?

Ingo Jürgensmann dijo [Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 08:56:59PM +0200]:
> > This led to a philosophical debate about whether bans should be made public.
> > Alexander expressed concern that having them published could be harmful to a
> > person's reputation, since employers will google your name and see that
> > you've been banned from a large project such as Debian.
> I agree with Alexanders concern here. Publishing other peoples
> personal data without prior allowance might even violate privacy
> legislation in some countries.

I side with Steve's view here. Now, we *could* obscure the personal
data in a way that it won't show on general web searches — Say,
something as trivial as omitting the person's name, and publishing the
file with just sha256sum(email). This still allows us to make an easy
querying interface (even allowing for historical information on a
given mail address).

Of course, this would omit the fact we are dealing with people and not
with mail addresses. Am I "gwolf@gwolf.org" or "gwolf@debian.org"?
(But OTOH, am I "Gunnar Wolf", "Gunnar Eyal Wolf Iszaevich" or "Big
Bearded Troll"?)

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