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Re: Should mailing list bans be published?

Bart wrote:
> > > The harm that could come to Debian's reputation is that Debian could be
> > > perceived as an organization that harms people's reputation by judging them in
> > > public about their behavior on the mailing lists.

Steve replied:
> > Ok, thanks for explaining.  This isn't something that concerns me at all,
> > but I understand that it concerns you.

Paul agreed:
> Nor I. The fact of the matter is that forcing folks to think twice
> before posting complete garbage to the mailing lists is nothing but
> good. If we get the reputation for harming the reputations of folks
> who harass and abuse others, well, fine by me -- just don't troll the
> MLs.

I think that our reputation is harmed more by mailing list archives containing
argumentative / vitriolic emails than by a reasoned (!) declaration of a ban.

The public publication of the ban cuts both ways.  If the reasoning behind the
ban is sound, then it will enhance our reputation for all the reasons already
mentioned by Steve and others; if it is not, then our reputation is damaged,
and appropriately so.  Public publication keeps both discussion participants
AND listmasters in check.

Luca Filipozzi

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