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Re: Help bringing bugs.debian.org / debbugs back on track

Hi Steve,

Steve McIntyre wrote:
On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 08:51:15PM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
>Thanks for bringing this up, our ITS definitely needs love. I
>investigated the ITS team in 2010 and found it was already broken
>(although one member disagreed with that assessment, qualifying the
>team's status as "fine"). The most urgent issue must be fixing the
>administration of bugs.debian.org, but development should also be a

To set the record straight for anybody fortunate enough to not have
any background here: Filipus / Philippe / chealer (to pick some of his
names) has been a thorn in the side of the BTS admins for several
years. My own experience from talking with him and the BTS folks is
that he's very difficult to deal with.

If expressing a bad opinion of a contributor to debian-project constitutes a constructive contribution, I imagine it would also be a constructive contribution to let that contributor know when you develop that bad opinion. Or do even better, and tell the contributor why you hold such an opinion.

His "broken" comment above
undoubtedly refers to his experiences when he was banned from using a
lot of the BTS features for abuse.

The "broken" comment above refers to an investigation of the ITS team which started in 2007, and which leader@debian.org was made aware of.

As such, if there is anybody whose opinions should be ignored more
about how our bug tracker should be run and developed, I would
struggle to identify such a person.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for writing this. I'm happy to see that you regained interest in our ITS. Would it be reasonable to expect that you will find enough time to answer the mail below, given that you found the time needed for writing an ad hominem attack^W^W^Wunbiased and perfectly neutral informative warning on the topic?

On 2010-03-31 17:25, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
Le décembre 15, 2008 12:48:19 PM, Filipus Klutiero a écrit :
Le December 15, 2008 05:57:56 am, vous avez écrit :
On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 02:37:55AM -0500, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
Hi Steve,
in September, I contacted you regarding an investigation on the
administration of bugs.debian.org. So far, all I obtained is that the
team isn't on your list of teams requiring investigation. As you seem to
be pretty busy and I don't feel comfortable seeing the issue persist much
longer, I'm thinking about resuming the investigation myself. I suppose
at this point this will mean pretty quickly that the results will be

I thank you for your time so far. Unless I hear from you shortly, I should
go on, but please don't take this as a depreciation of your help.

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The BTS team *is* on my
list of teams that I'm talking to, but I have to tell you that it's
quite a way down in priority terms. I know you've had problems
personally, but there are much worse problems project-wide that need
dealing with first.
All right.

I have not seen any development with the team since we started discussing.

Note that I am currently much less active in the project, being prevented from
doing bug triaging, so if you can conclude the verification of the BTS team
without any more discussion with me, don't forget to let me know when you're

Take care,

Hi Steve,
it's been over a year since we started discussing this issue and I haven't had any news. Was there progress with owner? If not, could you give me, and perhaps the project, an update on your teams survey?

For my part, I just realized that I am still banned from control@bugs.debian.org. I saw Don Armstrong send a "Bits o' Bugs from the BTS" in August 2009, but nothing reassuring.

This issue has been lasting for too long already and I really want to see progress soon.


Filipus Klutiero

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