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Re: Debian companies group

On Wed, Sep 04, 2013 at 08:48:59PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Most importantly, what is the aim of picking a random size limit?

The size limit is not exactly random, but it may be too high or too low. 

> And where else defines "company" as "one DD and at least 10 people on
> staff"?  I think being a company is about other things, not who and how
> many workers you have on contract - how would you cope with companies
> which meet your artificial number by using zero-hours contracts?

The original idea was to ask for 2 DDs or DMs. The number 10 is a try yes, and
I already admitted elsewhere that it may be too high. BTW just for the record
it wasn't me who came up with the number. 

> I think sometimes "company" can be defined as a legal person: that is, a
> corporation or group which acts similar to a corporation in key ways.
> That seems a better starting point than numbers of staff, unless there's
> some other reason behind it.

There is a huge difference between very small and larger companies. 

> Should we look at a list where many of the members are representing,
> controlling and/or acting for companies?  Like someone said: the
> debian-consultants list exists, doesn't it? ;-) So maybe experiment
> there and what works for those companies may suggest similar tactics
> that could work for these companies.

I've seen lists (outside Debian) that didn't work just because they had too
many different types of business entities (if you refer this wording) and these
essantially couldn't find a common level to talk. This may or may not be
happenening on consultants, too.

> At the moment, the debian-companies list feels like a solution to no
> problem yet occurring and that's partly why it has only 4 members.

Given that debian-consultants doesn't have much traffic at all, I can see other
reason, too. 

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